Lt. Col. USA, Ret., Author and Publisher.
Amateur Radio Station KD5JQH

I became interested in amateur "HAM" radio in 1998. I started out by studying for and passing my "Technician" test, which allowed me to operate local VHF frequencies on "2 meter" 140 mhz, and 440 mhz frequencies. But I was more interested in long distance radio communications around the world, so had to learn Morse Code and pass my General license test, which I did in 2000. Below is the result of setting up a radio station behind my home in northeastern Oklahoma.


Equipment includes an Icom 746 HF/2m/6m radio, a Yaesu 928 HF/6m rig, a 800 watt amplifier, an Alinco 2m/440 radio, a Pakrat packet TNC, and other necessary equipment including commercial radios for sheriff, fire and dive team emergency use.

The HAM shack.


The tower: a US Towers extendable truss type up 40 feet, topped with a Yaesu rotator, two Cushcraft beams, and a vertical VHF/UHF stick. You can see the target backstop for my pistol range to the right of the storage shed.

You can barely see it, but there is a B&W folded dipole below the beams that stretches out to the left and right into the trees. The building is a storage shed, NOT the commo room!