Lt. Col. USA, Ret., Author and Publisher.
Attention All Patriotic Americans!

Understand that disarming the population by legislation and force is not a means of reducing crime or increasing safety. It is a means of insuring a tyrannical government will have no opposition from the people who might pose a threat if subjected to an evil form of oppression within its own government. In other words, the small group of New World Order global communist/socialists (led by Satan himself), do not want to wake up some night and find all the peasants carrying torches and firearms approaching their castle walls. 

The United States is the only country left on the planet wherein citizens have a right to be armed. But since the 1930s that right has been chipped away by slowly legislating various firearms away under the guise of "you don't need that kind of gun" and "it's for your own safety." This is called "reducing the firepower of the opposition."

Read the letter below and shudder. Our neighbor to the north is already doomed and the Canadians are becoming unarmed serfs. Australia has already gone into socialist slavery, as as the United Kingdom. (Unless you are a criminal or terrorist, of course, then you can have anything you want).

The question is how the below individual was selected to receive this letter. It appears that he may have registered his firearms with the government, and now that they and he are identified and put into the data base, he is now being told what he is allowed to do or not do. Confiscation will be the next step.

It is a proven fact that when a population is disarmed, the crimes skyrocket. But maybe this is what they want, then they can call in the UN "peace keepers" to patrol our streets. So, the question remains, how well do you speak Chinese?